Gift of Healthy Teeth Variety Pack - MINTS
Gift of Healthy Teeth Variety Pack - MINTS

Gift of Healthy Teeth Variety Pack - MINTS


Share The Gift of Healthy Teeth with friends, family (or yourself 😉)! 

The bundled box is the perfect way to sample all of the delicious Zellie's flavors. It's also the best way to introduce the power of xylitol for oral health to your friends and family. 

Each box comes with 4 jars of Zellie's Mints and at an automatic savings of 8% off each jar!

The MINT Variety Box includes:
- 1 x Cool Mint Mints 250ct Jar
- 1 x Spearmint Mints 250ct Jar
- 1 x Cherry Berry Mints 250ct Jar
- 1 x Cool Fruit Mints 250ct Jar


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lori Z.
All the products I received!!

I’m inspired by you and this information! Let’s see if my hygienist says when I see her November!

valentin a.
Excellent for me

I tried a few brands. This one has enough xylitol to keep bad mouth bacteria under control, and yet little enough to not make my stomach upset. I want to add I found a few brands that seem good fit for me, Zellie's is among those, and I plan to use them for the next year or so in order to draw a conclusion.

Susan S.
Love these mints!

Getting older with pretty good teeth (though I have Sjogren's dry mouth) and I want to avoid all the dental expenses, gum problems etc in the future. Found Ellie's YouTube videos and they make so much sense. I immediately changed up numerous things including these mints. I also got the gum but I really love the mints. I like all the flavors (less so the spearmint but my husband loves it so it works great), and it's such a positive experience it really helped me to kickstart better oral habits re brushing/flossing, snacking/drinking less between meals and esp these mints after. Def helps my mouth feel better esp after sipping diet soda (I know yikes). I wholeheartedly endorse!

Anthony B.
They taste great

They all taste great, I am still waiting to see how well they help my teeth. As far as my taste go I would reorder in this order
#1 Cherry Berry Mints
#2 Cool Fruit Mints
#3 Cinnamon Mints
#4 Cool Mint Mints
#5 Spearmint Mints

zaynab b.
Love the mints

I LOVE the mints. So easy to pop in your month after you eat. And so yummy. I have one in my purse. And one in the car. And one in the kitchen. Also easier to use than the gum which would keep my jaw moving more. Mints are fun to crunch after eating/snacking.