Granular Xylitol - 1lb. Bag
Granular Xylitol - 1lb. Bag
Granular Xylitol - 1lb. Bag

Granular Xylitol - 1lb. Bag


Zellie’s Granular Xylitol is sustainably derived from hardwood trees. Great for eating directly off a spoon or add to water for protecting teeth and gums.

Xylitol is a delicious natural sweetener extracted from fruits, vegetables and most notably, birch and other hardwood trees. Xylitol has been used for over 100 years as a low-glycemic sugar substitute, and its amazing dental health benefits are well recognized in Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.

Use xylitol just as you would sugar in equal measurements.* Add it to your favorite recipes or to sweeten beverages.

Xylitol has 40% less calories than sugar and 75% fewer carbohydrates.

Xylitol can be used to help support oral health. Add a teaspoon to water or dip fruit into some xylitol as a great ending to meals. Xylitol can help alkalize the mouth and has been shown to help prevent acidic damage to teeth. Xylitol is especially useful for anyone with a dry or acidic mouth. For best results for oral health, use xylitol, in frequent small doses, after meals, snacks and drinks.

Click here to learn more about how to use granular xylitol to help clean your baby's teeth!

Product Size: 1 lb re-sealable bag

Serving size: 4 grams of xylitol per teaspoon
Ingredients: 100% Xylitol Granular Crystals (hardwood derived)

Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Low Glycemic (7.0)

*Granular xylitol inactivates yeast, so xylitol cannot be used for yeast baking recipes.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rosanne B.
Substitute for sugar

No need to use sugar in iced tea, coffee, etc. xylitol is perfect and more healthy

shazia t.

Fabulous product
Can’t live without it.

Elizabeth C.
Good stuff

Like the granules but sold out.