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I love the system.

I purchased the Complete Mouth Care System Kit plus the large bag of Zellies Cherry/Berry and Doctor Plotka's toothbrush. I received free in my shipment 3 extra samples to try the other flavors and 30% off coupon for Dr. Ellie's Oral Health Boot Camp. I work full time so I don't have a lot of time to do this but I make it a priority because my teeth are very important to me. I have been using it for only 3 weeks but my mouth/teeth feel so clean after doing the system. I have gotten the system memorized so it is so easy to do just before going to work in the morning and at bedtime. I have a small timer that I keep on my sink with my supplies. I'm planning to do this for the rest of my life and not have to have anymore dental work done. I can't wait to see the dentist to see if they notice anything different, like less plaque, less recession of gums, etc. I have my work cut out for me because I have always had plenty of gum recession. I realize that I have to give this a full 3 - 6 months and beyond to see the real benefits but I think Dr. Ellie is on to something with this system. Hopeful!

Love them now.

Lots of flavor!

COOL MINT Xylitol Dental Mints

Awesome product for dental health

Cinnamon Dental Mints

I ordered these because, I'm fawnd of Cinnamon love it even more in Cinnamon rolls but, love the Mints!

Spearmint Dental Mints

I love the smell of these when opening but, ordered these to have a variety of different one's to choose from and try, nice that there's other alternate Mints that are available without the aspartame ingredients that have a bad effect on me!

Cherry Berry Dental Mints

I ordered some different flavors of these and I like them, I have had other Mints that contain aspartame in them and found it caused headache discomfort so it was a plus to find these plus there good for your mouth and your teeth what a plus!

Really great taste

Love these!

So far this is my favorite flavor - it makes it easy to get the xylitol in on a daily basis. Thank you, Dr. Ellie, for your oral health care system and your desire to educate and help others!

I like it so far


Very mouth happy 😊 thank you

Xylitol Dental Mints

We like all the flavours we have tried: cool mint, fruit, and spearmint.

Xylitol Dental Mints

We like all the flavours we have tried: cool mint, fruit, and spearmint.


Doing better thanks


I've found you just in time. I was to have a tooth pulled but because I'm not in any pain I decided to give this a try and I'm so happy I did. In just a short time my teeth are starting to shine again and they feel great
Thanks Ellie I'd rather have another baby than go to the dentist and I'm 76.

I was expecting a toothbrush but it wasn’t any in my kit!

I like them.

Nasty Flavor

Does not taste good.

Not much difference yet too early to tell


The flavors of these mints are pleasing.

Loving the quality of the items

Flavor last a long time. Shipment arrived in a few days as described. Will get again.

💕Amazing Mints!!

I really Love these! So good. I wud recommend to everyone!

Love this product

I have been using the Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit for about two months. I had a filling done on one of my molars which has been giving me a problem since then. My gum continued to get swollen. They wanted to then do a root canal. I refused because I did not think that was the issue. When I started using Xylitol and the protocol it went a way. My teeth are whiter which was a problem and also the plaque on my teeth just fell off after a few weeks. That is such a blessing. I am looking forward to my teeth being stronger and repairing the hairline cracks that are there now. But the nicest thing about this is that I wake up in the morning with out the nasty taste in the mouth and the film on my tongue. I would recommend it 100%

You can’t go wrong with cherry Berry and cool fruit flavor.

I buy the cherry berry and cool fruit directly from her website. I order it sometimes in the larger sizes it depends so that I can get the free shipping and usually I’ve been able to get a coupon in addition. I think these two flavors are the best ones. I wish I had found Dr. Ellie years ago. At 66 my mouth is full of crowns and three root canals last year. I’ve been following her mouth care system for 2 1/2 months and I love it. I’ve noticed less plaque on my teeth, which normally I have heavy plaque. I used to think that getting so many cavities and such was genetic. Maybe part of it but going to the dentist has not saved my teeth. I am so excited to see what my next appointment says. At this point, I have nothing to lose. I’m hoping to have less dental work and expenses in the future. I prefer the mints to the gum, because if I chew too much gum, my jaw hurts. There is nothing wrong with the gum it’s just for me the mints or what I use.


These are my favorite. I also like the cool fruit flavor. I buy them at and the last two orders were over $75 and I am able to get the free shipping and sometimes use a coupon. In addition it is such a blessing I’m a senior limited income. My mouth is full of crowns and three root canals. How can I say I wish I had found Dr. Ellie years ago. I’m using her complete mouth care system for the last 2 1/2 months highly recommend it I hope to lower my dental bills in the future I can’t make the crowns go away, but hopefully I can keep more dental problems at bay. Dr. Plotkas mouthwashes toothbrush is the best I’ve tried. I gave away both of my automatic toothbrushes and my water pick. Seldom do I ever have anything stuck between my teeth now.