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Have been using these mints about a year with the protocol that is recommended. Just got the approval from my dentist. They said everything looks great! I have been really looking for a way to keep my gums healthy. I really think this helps.



Dr. Ellie's Mouth Care System Kit - TRAVEL SIZE

Spearmint xylitol dental mints

They are very flavorful and an enjoyable way to benefit your smile.

Love these

These are delicious, and I always keep a small pack with me to follow every meal for a healthy mouth. I also enjoy popping in a few after work to freshen up. Got a 3 month supply - totally worth it!

Love these cinnamon mints!

The Zellie mints are the best and our new favorite flavor is the cinnamon!

Great products

Both the gum and mints are great!

COOL MINT Xylitol Dental Mints

Zellie mints

I have been using the Zellie mints for about a week now as Dr. Ellie describes in her numerous videos. They do taste very good and I assume they are doing the job they are supposed to do. I bought the 1400 count bulk package and will reorder them when my current supply is deleted. I have also ordered the Zellie chewing gum a couple days ago but purchased them from Amazon because I needed a few other things from Amazon and combined the order. Also just started using Dr. Ellies complete mouth care system.

Great mint

My husband and I love Cherry Berry! I would say it's our favorite flavor.

I love the Cinammon taste!

These bits of gum have a delightful cinnamon taste! After a meal when you can’t brush, or just anytime, they are enjoyable to chew.

Good For oral health

I love the cinnamon gum, I have to remember not to chew a long time like regular gum:) but, the only thing I don't like the gum and mints are expensive and if you purchase less than $75 its almost $10 dollars for shipping who buys that much gum at one time...:(

Do they make a Pez dispenser for these?

Fantastic flavor. So much so that I have a feeling I'm eating these way too fast. lol

Long Lasting Flavor

Of all the flavors offered, this is my favorite one! The flavor lasts longer than my jaw does (which is saying a lot). I highly recommend it!

Tasty and refreshing

I really like spearmint, and cinnamon is a nice change of pace. These flavors are fantastic, the taste lasts a long time, and they totally clear the palate! The xylitol is fantastic for my teeth. I highly recommend both of these flavors!

It’s ok

The only positive thing I have to say is it does not have the other fake crap in it like sucralose and aspartame

SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Mints

These mints have a delicate mint flavor unlike some other mints whose flavor is so intense it burns. These mints are cool on the tongue, easy to carry in pocket or purse.

Very Pleased So Far

I have not "seen" any improvement since I've only used the kit for a couple of weeks. But I do FEEL the difference. As I run my tongue along my teeth, they have never felt so clean. Especially, in those tiny areas that are hardest.

Great very good product that works, this is my 15 th day and I am loving it.

Zellies mints

Fast deliver, taste great, feel empowered by doing something for dental health easily!

Wonderful flavor

I enjoy the orange-y dominant, fruity flavor of Zellies Cool Fruit dental mints.

Good product

I’ve uses every day.

Cinnamon gum

I really love this..great flavor, no ingredients I don't want and it helps curb my munchies! Thanks so much Dr. Ellie!

Cool mint

Satisfied, appears to do what it's supposed to. Will purchase again.