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I see that 2 of the products have fluoride in them. My research tells me there is no good from fluoride only harm. Is it possible to find products without fluoride that would do the job?

Great oral hygiene item

Nice variety pack, love being able to try all the flavors!

All 4 Zellies Mints flavors available in full size, flip top containers was a real treat just a few weeks into starting the FMCS. It's so nice to have a mix of mint & fruit flavors to enjoy throughout the day. So nicely boxed, too.

Delicious and fresh and long-lasting and healthy

Zellie's peppermint gum is so good I have to be careful not to replenish my gum intake too much during the day. I haven't chewed gum for years, but Zellie's is so tasty and so good for my teeth that I now enjoy chewing gum every day. Thank you, Zellie's !

They are fantastic taste good and help with digestion.


This one has more flavour compared to the cinnamon, leaving my mouth feeling more refreshed.

Youth nano silver toothbrush

You did suggest for people who had a smaller mouth to use the youth toothbrush, that’s exactly what I ordered and it works perfect thank you and God bless

Care system kit !

Thank you so much for putting together a travelling kit this is perfect . I don’t have to skip a beat my teeth and my gums are protected God bless


Very good product and excellent costumer service.I recommend Zellie's❤️

Clean teeth

I am having cleaner teeth. I am in my third week working with the system. I am waiting to see improvements in my gums.

Didn’t care for the mints

I didn’t care for how the mints taste.
I do love the gum. Thank you for your great service. I appreciate it.
Will definitely order the gum in the future


Great tasting good for your teeth I’ll be buying more soon.

Tasty and Tooth-Friendly

Zellie's gum is a game-changer for anyone who loves great taste and cares about their dental health. With long-lasting flavor and sweetened with xylitol, it's a guilt-free indulgence that actually promotes oral health by reducing cavities and plaque buildup. It's become a daily essential for me, combining deliciousness with dental benefits. Highly recommended!

Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit

The listerine is great. My husband loves the xylitol. In addition to using most of her products, I have listened to her YouTube videos and follow the instructions that are on the car that come with the products. I like it.

Love these mints

Not only are they delicious, but they are beneficial to your teeth and won't raise your blood sugar!

Best xylitol gum I have tried and I think I have tried them all :)

First time user

I was not expecting much from the mints except to have a minty breath, but after a couple of days I noticed that my mouth was not as dry as it was before I started using the mint. I’m very pleased with this product would suggest it as a mouth refresher and keeping your mouth from feeling dry.


Very good and good for you.😊

A very good flavor

I noticed one review saying the mint tasted chalky. No such thing, I would suggest this is the most practical flavor because it works best to freshen the mouth for the longest.


I'm so impressed with your teaching and your products. I'm already seeing results. You've made me a believer. Thank you 😊

Xylitol is a fodmap

I have IBS. Wish I knew up front that xylitol is a fodmap and would irritate my stomach.

Berry taste that is delicious!

Thank you!