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Best Ever No Guilt

Love these delicious mints knowing there’s nothing bad in them like GM sugar or chemicals to do any harm to your teeth or diet.

Mouth Watchers Youth Nano-Silver Toothbrush

Best Gum

Best gum I’ve ever had. Customer for life.


Taste great

I wish you would still sell the 60-mint little tins!


The mints work better for me and they do the Xylitol job!


I love the cool fruit mints. I bought two bulk bags because there were on sale. 20% off!

Love the cinnamon Zellie's. My chiropractor had them on her counter for sale a few years ago and I've been ordering since. Love the fresh taste and the fact they may also promote better oral health is a plus.

Deserve 100 Stars!

I change toothbrushes often and have tried them all and nothing compares to Dr. Plotka. I don't use any other type of brush, even the ones my dentist gives me! It's hard to describe how much better it feels to brush with these, either Adult size or Youth feels like it just does a better job of getting teeth and gums clean. I love that they come in colors since I use 3 a day and it's easy to keep track of which color brush is for which time of day. I never would have found these on my own so I'm so glad Dr. Ellie carries them at Zellies.

Just the BEST!

I've tried all the flavors and liked them all but Peppermint remains my favorite. I've never been a gum-chewer so these mints are perfect for alkalizing my naturally acidic saliva. I depend on them and credit Zellies and Dr.Ellies' System for reversing my gum disease. Every order I've placed has been perfectly packed and delivered so fast. Thankyou to Dr. Ellie and her team at Zellies!


For years I was struggling with my oral health. It seemed like every time I went to the dentist there was something wrong and I was told to "floss more". Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System paired with Zellie's mints have completely changed my life. My mouth has never felt so clean! My only regret is not finding this mouth care system sooner. I am forever grateful to Dr. Ellie. Thank you!!

Great Stuff!

after a meal or a snack, this gum is at least as good as brushing. take it from a 69-year old who used to be cavity-prone and is now cavity-free for at least 10 years using Dr. Ellie's Regimen.

Disappearing cavity

Here’s my story:
…I’ve been on the Dr Ellie protocol of & on for many years
…sensitive teeth became normal within first 2 weeks
…no new cavities
…cavity spotted in early January 2023
…cavity was located at the top of tooth around gum line
…my dentist of 40+ years referred me to another dentist
…during the 3 weeks before the future appt. I did the following:
…….strictly adhered to Dr. Ellie’s protocol
…….increased the xylitol gum, mints & sugar
……6 mints , 2 gums & 6 grams of xylitol sugar
…….held the mints in my mouth up against the cavity
……..made sure I had a dairy products after each meal
……..each time I drank water I had a mint afterwards
……..each time I had tea, I added xylitol sugar & had a mint afterwards

When I went to the second appointment, the dentist could not find any cavities! He spent a half hour looking.

He thought the picture of the cavity was from another patient. It was not. The picture was taken at my last appointment when the cavity was spotted. I was shown the picture on both occasions. It was the same pic.

This story is hard for me to believe too. In one of Dr Ellie’s books she describes how it can be done. I just didn’t think it could be done in 3 weeks! I’m so happy!

Thank you Dr Ellie!

Spicy and Refreshing

Love the peppermint gum also, but I really like the flavor and extra punch of the cinnamon. Both leave my mouth so refreshed. Now that I’ve found this gum, I make sure to always have it on hand - work, car, every room in the house.

The Best!

I enjoy the fresh taste of spearmint and these mints are easy to keep in multiple places. I get the large bag and reuse the smaller Zellie's tins. So I keep mints at work, in the kitchen, where I read, in my backpack. Making it easy to pop in a couple after I eat.

The only mint that actually freshens breath.

Healthy Treats!

We love the Zellies mints and gums! We've tried all the delicious flavours. It's great to have a treat that is good for your teeth. My children now eat these and less sugary sweets.

The mints are a tasty way to help take care of my teeth.

These are great! My dentist was impressed with the results between cleanings! He hoped to get samples to pass out to patients.


From the first day my teeth have felt so much cleaner. I do not feel any plaque in the morning before I brush my teeth now. My teeth are less sensitive. I have been using the system for about a month. After a week I also noticed that my covid left over phlegm cough is gone. I had a phlegmy morning cough from when I had covid over a year ago. IT IS GONE. I did nothing different. I think that Dr. Ellies complete mouth care system killed all the bad bacteria and cleared it up. It is very simple to use. Only adds on a couple minutes to your morning and evening brushing. So much better than flossing!

Great Flavor

I LOVE these mints! They have such great flavor I find myself craving them! Knowing they help my teeth and gums makes eating them even better!

Was skeptical but Wow!

I had nothing to lose when I saw Zellie’s as a fundamental component of the “Kissing your Dentist Goodbye” protocol. I ordered the gum and I’m so impressed with the long lasting flavor and the texture!. I’m a believer now about being on the path to heal my teeth!! Thanks Dr. Ellie!

Zellie's Peppermint is THE BEST!

I've tried many brands of Xylitol gum and by far Zellie's Peppermint is THE BEST! And their Customer Service is amazing! Thank you Zellie's!!

The Best

I've tried several different brands of xylitol mints to use in Dr. Ellie's complete mouth care system and I have found Zellie's to be the best-tasting--- plus Zellie's don't bother my stomach like the other brands do.


Zellies have to be my favorite mints and gum. I love the cherry berry mints :)

My 5 year old daughter's favorite

These are my daughter's favorite. I like them too when I need a break from mint flavors.