Your Biggest Oral Health Enemy: Acidity

Your Biggest Oral Health Enemy: Acidity

For generations people have believed that sugar is the enemy of teeth and that flossing is the answer! Facts prove this is NOT true. Unfortunately, you can brush, floss, and avoid all candy, yet end up with cavities, erosion, gum recession and periodontal pockets that can loosen your teeth ‘till they fall out!

The biggest enemy of oral health is acidity in your mouth. Liquids wash over your teeth as you drink and swallow them. Even the liquid that moistens your mouth naturally – your saliva – can be either acidic or alkaline.

The Problem ~ (Acid)  vs. (Alkaline)

Alkaline liquids provide minerals and healing for teeth, but acidic liquids damage and corrode them. At the end of every day, teeth will be damaged or repaired depending on a simple equation: (the length of time your teeth have been damaged by acidity) vs. (the length of time they have been repaired by the alkaline liquids in your mouth).

People who sip acidic drinks will often have great damage – progressive and cumulative – day after day, month by month, year after year. Finally there comes a time when the tooth breaks and becomes infected (this is a cavity).


To avoid such problems, drink acidic liquids at meal times, and complete every meal with an alkaline food (cheese or salty nuts). Xylitol can be used anytime to take away mouth acidity and help teeth repair and remineralize. Zellies Mints are delicious and particularly good for this!

Also, the rinse routine in my Complete Mouth Care System also adds a special factor that helps to limit acidic tooth damage. When used correctly, this system will gradually build tooth enamel that is more resistant to acidity – offering teeth some extra protection as they encounter any mouth acidity!