The Complete Mouth Care System: Success Is In The Details

The Complete Mouth Care System: Success Is In The Details

It is hard to believe that three old-fashioned mouth rinses could provide the key to avoiding pain and suffering, and save thousands of dollars in dental expenses!

Years ago, I made a discovery that if two well-known mouth rinses are used one after the other – the results for teeth and gums is far better than if each product is used alone. Experience convinces me that only one toothpaste can be part of this routine. The final piece of the puzzle is rinsing before brushing, and xylitol that is used to loosen plaque and balance acidity.

Most people who are looking for help have already suffered erosion, extractions, cavities or gum disease and are desperate, frustrated or out of money. Friends or family often refer, or people find me on an internet search or if they sit next to me on a flight or at a conference! Today my inbox is filled with emails about products, dental fears, tooth concerns or panic about a treatment.

My system works for everyone who uses it correctly. If you have been plagued by, or just began to get cavities, have bleeding gums, periodontal disease, bad breath, wear braces, or simply want to enjoy ultimate oral health, this system is for you. You will quickly see results in weeks – and the benefits will continue as your teeth feel better and look stronger and cleaner, year after year.

TEN Tips for Getting the Most out of the Complete Mouth Care System:

  1. Take one minute with each rinse
  2. Use morning and evening (your mouth is at most risk when you sleep)
  3. Do not use water between steps – (only to wet your toothbrush)
  4. 50% of benefits are from “the system” and 50% are from “xylitol”
  5. Use 6-10 grams of xylitol – in small amounts throughout the day
  6. Use empty product containers and match replacement products exactly – you must avoid substitutes and store brands
  7. Listerine is important and is a great rinse when used correctly as part of the system. (You will rinse away any alcohol or acidity with the last step)
  8. Original ACT is recommended – as an essential part of the system
  9. Xylitol toothpaste and rinses are NOT recommended since most are acidic, have problem ingredients or are too abrasive
  10. Children should use xylitol throughout childhood, but may start using the complete system as their permanent molars erupt around 6 years of age (and when they can rinse and spit without any problems).

To be sure you are using the correct products, order your Complete Mouth Care System Kit online. This kit also comes with a detailed instruction booklet with how to get the most out of the System.

Take control of the oral health of you and your family today!